likewisemedia - Quality CD, DVD and Bluray Duplication

Jewel Case

CD Duplication is suitable for reproduction of smaller quantities from a CD master. CD and DVD Duplication services are normally used where the volume of discs is less than 500 units.

An advantage of CD and DVD Duplication is very fast turnaround time, from 24 hours depending on your choice of packaging.

CD and DVD Replication set-up costs include the manufacture of glass masters from which the discs are produced, meaning it is not a viable option for shorter runs.




likewisemedia - CD and DVD Replication

Jewel Case

LikewiseMedia offer CD and DVD Replication of the highest technical quality at the best possible prices.

Replication is ideal for large quantity CD and DVD runs - this can include promotional business tools, brochures, powerpoint presentations and a huge variety of multi media applications.

Likewise media are always happy to offer help with artwork or content. If you have any specific requirments for CD and DVD replication then please feel free to contact us, we will always try to satisfy individual requests.