Q: How long will it take to complete my order?

A: Our turn around time 5-8 business days for replication orders and 1-4 for duplication orders

Q: What is the best format to submit my art files?

A: We accept photoshop eps, illsturator eps, pdf, jpeg,tiff, coreldraw and quarkz express files

Q: How about the master?

A: Masters ,audio dvd,data,and blu-ray should be burned at 2x speed on quality disc with a writable

Q: If i use ftp upload to send my audio or video files will i loose any quality?

A: No, ftp will not degrade the quality

Q: Do you offer graphic design and audio mastering ?

A: Although we dont offer these services inhouse we do have several companies we can referr you to

Q: How much will my shipping cost be?

A: Your location and shipping method will determin the cost, please contact us .